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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Pennsylvania Ramps Up Efforts to Target Heroin-Related Drug Crimes

In an effort to crack down on a growing heroin problem, Pennsylvania is joining with New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts to form an interstate coalition for investigating and prosecuting heroin traffickers. It is expected that other Northeastern states will join the group in the coming weeks.  The idea for the coalition grew out of […]

Pennsylvania Legislature Passes Ignition Interlock Bill

In an effort to address Pennsylvania’s drunk driving problem, the state Senate approved a bill that will require DUI offenders whose blood alcohol concentration exceeded 0.10 to install ignition interlocks in their vehicles. The bill passed unanimously 50-0, and will proceed to the House, where it is expected to be approved.  While ignition interlocks have […]

Marijuana Legalization Efforts Stall, Advocates Push On

Although the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is beginning to seem amenable to the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and the overall movement on the issue is trending toward broad legalization, the House does not yet seem ready to sign on to a bill that recently passed the Senate. While the Senate bill took almost […]

Tougher Pennsylvania DUI Laws Ineffective at Reducing Drunk Driving

When Pennsylvania lowered its legal alcohol limit from .10 to .08 in 2003, the expectation was that the stricter driving under the influence law would act as a deterrent, resulting in safer streets, fewer fatalities and fewer arrests for intoxicated driving. Additional changes in Pennsylvania DUI law mandated longer jail times for repeat offenders.  Unfortunately, […]


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