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Experience Counts When You’re Facing Drug Charges in Reading, PA

Protecting your livelihood and your reputation

Being charged with a drug crime in Pennsylvania can restrict your freedom in the short term — being convicted may be the end of your future and dreams in the long term. Having a skilled attorney on your side, though, changes the odds in your favor. With more than 40 years of experience defending the people of Berks County against federal and state drug charges, David R. Eshelman, A Professional Corporation understands the accusations you face, how the prosecutor or the district attorney will work, and how to successfully fight against them.

What am I facing when charged with a drug crime in Berks County?

Drug crime penalties are severe whether you are charged under federal law or under the Commonwealth’s criminal code — and some controlled substance charges are misdemeanors while others are felonies. For example, a small amount of marijuana may be charged as misdemeanor simple possession, but driving around with 100 kilos of cocaine can result in trafficking or dealing charges, which are felonies.

Knowing what constitutes a controlled substance offense makes a difference in Reading

There are numerous different types of drug charges in Pennsylvania, including:

  • Possession: This is the knowing, intentional possession of a controlled substance without other authorization. Penalties for possession depend on the type of the drug, the amount possessed, prior criminal records and other issues.
  • Dealing and trafficking of drugs: The dealing or trafficking of controlled substances involves several different crimes — manufacture of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, selling or delivering a controlled substance to another, possession of large amounts of drugs, or conspiracy to distribute or traffic.

Can I be sent to jail or prison for having drugs on me?

Working with an experienced criminal defense attorney could mean the difference between freedom, a diversion program designed to help those accused of drug crimes, or prison time. You should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to determine your situation and what might be done to avoid going to jail, including options such as drug court, Section 17 probation and the State Intermediate Punishment program.

Don’t let a drug charge ruin your life — contact us today

Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, David R. Eshelman, A Professional Corporation provides assertive and experienced defense for those charged with controlled substance offenses and other drug and drug-related crimes. For more than 40 years, friends and neighbors have relied upon our vigorous representation and knowledge of the law, the Constitution and the courts to move you forward, protecting you and guiding you toward a better future.  Contact us online today or call 877-442-9704.


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