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Obtaining a Restricted Driver’s License in Pennsylvania

If you have had your driver’s license temporarily suspended in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering how you will be able to transport yourself to school or work. It’s important to know that you do have some options if you find yourself in this difficult situation.

Pennsylvania law allows you to apply for a restricted driver’s license that you can use during the period of time during which your regular driving privileges are suspended. This will require a fee, and the state Department of Transportation (DOT) will notify you via mail if your request has been approved or denied.

Getting to and from work or school

Many people in this situation are able to apply for an occupational limited license (OLL), giving them the ability to get to and from work or school. It’s important to understand, however, that you will not be considered eligible for an OLL if your driving record contains convictions for certain offenses which render you ineligible.

If you have had your license suspended or revoked for five years or more, you may qualify for a probationary license, which gives you the right to drive, generally between the hours of 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. only. To do so, you must fill out a Probationary License Petition form with the state DOT and pay a fee.

Having your driving privileges suspended has the potential to disrupt your life. If you could use the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney as you address this issue, contact David R. Eshelman.


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