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DEA Attempting to Achieve More Accurate Drug Death Reporting

Four months ago, two reports gave very different numbers when it comes to drug overdose deaths in Pennsylvania. Now, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has partnered with a state academic organization to make significant improvements to the way it analyzes and reports drug deaths.

According to the Philadelphia office of the DEA, the agency will collaborate with the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy’s Pennsylvania Heroin Overdose Prevention Technical Assistance Center. This will help the DEA get more accurate and timely data from across all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. DEA representatives say the center is able to provide more accurate analysis than the federal agency’s internal resources allow.

These changes come after a July report from the Reading Eagle that pointed out the glaring differences in the reports from the Pennsylvania State Coroners Association and the DEA on drug deaths that occurred in 2014. One report stated there were 82 deaths in Chester County, while another stated there was just 36. That was only one of the notable discrepancies between the two reports.

Partnering for better local enforcement

In partnering with a local group, the DEA is demonstrating how serious it is in improving its reporting and analysis of drug deaths. With an uptick in state drug crimes and deaths this past year, the agency is clearly focused on forming partnerships to make its enforcement and reporting more effective and accurate.

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