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Pennsylvania Police Run Voter Fraud Sting Operation Before Election

In the lead-up to November’s election day, Pennsylvania state police raided two different offices of a voter registration group, FieldWorks LLC. Officers raided the organization’s Philadelphia office just days after searching the group’s Delaware County office.

According to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, the police had a warrant to search for forms that could have been used to develop a fraudulent voter registration system, along with completed voter registration forms that contained similar or exactly the same identifying information for individuals on multiple different forms. The group complied with all police searches.

Inquirer reports contained quotes from state Attorney General Bruce Beemer, who suggested the group had employed registrants who regularly cut corners to meet registration quotas. One of the most common tactics they reportedly used was to re-register existing voters, but using subtle spelling differences. This strategy was used in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, and got FieldWorks in significant trouble there. Many FieldWorks employees began using this strategy after the organization fired an employee for not meeting the group’s unofficial “18 people per day” quota.

Voter fraud a type of white collar crime

Accusations of voter fraud always pop up around election season and do not always result in actual criminal charges. And although there is little evidence that widespread voter fraud actually exists, federal and state officials have bolstered their efforts to make sure voter rolls are secure.

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