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Should You Tell Your Attorney You’re Guilty of a Crime?

Many people who retain the services of a criminal defense attorney struggle with deciding if they should admit to their legal counsel that they are guilty of a crime. This is an understandable concern, but ultimately you must remember it is the job of the judge or jury to determine guilt — not your attorney. Your lawyer’s job is to provide the best possible defense for you, which means it is beneficial for you to be as open and honest as possible.

Your honesty means there will not be any logical holes your attorney will need to piece together. Any good defense lawyer will provide the same level of representation, even if he or she believes you to be guilty. You have a constitutional right to a high-quality defense, and your lawyer’s primary concern is determining if there is enough evidence to prove you did, in fact, commit the crime in question.

Sharing the facts of your case with your attorney

Again, an attorney cannot defend against what he or she does not know. This makes it important for you to be as upfront as possible. When your lawyer asks you a direct question, he or she is not doing so in a judgmental way—it’s all about getting as much information as possible to provide the best defense.

In addition, attorneys must, under the law, keep all conversations with their clients confidential. This is called “attorney-client privilege,” and it is a sacred concept in all areas of law — especially criminal defense.

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