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What a Criminal Defense Attorney Will Do for You

Because of the complicated nature of the criminal justice system, it is nearly impossible to represent yourself effectively. Every case is unique, and only a legal professional with experience in a wide variety of criminal matters can provide you with the quality of representation you need.

Below are a few things criminal defense lawyers can do for defendants:

  • Negotiate deals with prosecutors for lessened charges and reduced sentences. Prosecutors are not nearly as likely to cooperate with defendants who are representing themselves.
  • Create sentencing programs based on the specific needs of the defendant to help him or her avoid future legal troubles.
  • Help defendants cope with the embarrassment, fear or anxiety they are likely to experience when facing criminal charges.
  • Provide defendants with realistic overviews of all legal options available to them and potential outcomes of trials, giving them the perspective they need while negotiating plea deals.
  • Spend time working on a case when a defendant is unable to do so because of his or her job or day-to-day life responsibilities.
  • Gather important information from witnesses, who might be afraid of speaking to a person accused of a crime who does not have an attorney.
  • Use their familiarity with local court customs and procedures, as well as court officials, to obtain settlements or deals that might not have otherwise been possible.
  • Hire and manage investigators for the case. These professionals can believably contradict witness testimonies and offer insights that bolster your defense.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a Berks County criminal defense attorney when you’re facing charges, contact the experienced lawyer David R. Eshelman.


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