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What to Know About Drug Manufacturing Laws

Manufacturing of any controlled substance is strictly prohibited under federal law unless you have the proper licensing from state and/or federal authorities. While these laws most commonly arise in cases involving growth of marijuana or the cooking of methamphetamine, they can apply to any manufacturing case involving a controlled substance.

Under the law, drug manufacturing technically occurs when a person participates in any stage of the process used to create an illegal drug. This could include mixing chemicals, growing plants or even offering to assist in the process without actually taking part.

There are also strict rules that prohibit people or entities from supplying chemical mixtures, individual chemicals or other components or materials, if those people either know or have reasonable cause to know the substances will be used for the purpose of developing illegal drugs. For example, methamphetamine requires certain chemical ingredients, so anyone who creates these chemicals must perform thorough vetting of purchasers.

Even if you did not actually take part in the making of illicit substances, you can still be charged with manufacturing if you possessed the components or equipment used for making the drug.

Penalties can be strict

Drug manufacturing penalties are much more severe than most possession penalties and many distribution penalties. Prison sentences can be 10 years or longer, depending on the severity of the offense. Felony fines also reach tens of thousands of dollars, with misdemeanors often being multiple thousands of dollars themselves. Other penalties include probation and restitution.

For more information about drug manufacturing laws and the potential penalties you could face, speak with knowledgeable Berks County criminal defense attorney David R. Eshelman.


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