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Youngstown Area Residents Face Federal Drug Charges

Several people from the Youngstown area face federal drug charges for their reported involvement in a distribution ring for heroin, cocaine, crack cocaine and fentanyl. Those illegal drugs likely made their way through Youngstown, Girard, Farrell and other nearby towns.

Law enforcement officials charged the following people with 39 total counts in an indictment that was unsealed on Friday, June 1 in federal court: Adham Abhurma (23, of Youngstown), Ashley Allison (31, of Grove City), Eric Murray (31, of Farrell), Cedis R. Martin (31, of Warren), Zachary E. Bradford (36, of Girard), Prentice Miller (29, of Grove City) and Amanda Walker (23, of New Castle). The indictment points to Martin being the supplier for the ring.

According to court documents, Martin supplied cocaine to Murray, heroin to Miller and Bradford and fentanyl to Aburahma. These individuals then allegedly distributed those drugs in Youngstown and Farrell. Police say Allison and Walker were in charge of transporting the heroin from Detroit.

Law enforcement officers busted the ring when members reportedly sold drugs to undercover agents.

Drug crimes come with tough penalties

Pennsylvania has been taking a hardline approach to drug crimes lately as the opioid crisis has spread throughout the state. This, combined with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tough stance on drug-related issues, has led to more stringent enforcement and harsher penalties for those accused and convicted of drug crimes.

If you face drug charges of any sort, it’s critical to work with a lawyer who protects your rights and keeps you from spending unnecessary time behind bars. For further guidance, speak with an experienced Reading criminal defense lawyer at David R. Eshelman: A Professional Corporation.


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