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Why You Need a Lawyer When Facing Criminal Charges

In almost any circumstance in which you have been charged with a crime, it is in your best interest to retain an attorney. This is especially true if you could face harsh penalties like prison or jail time or significant fines.

It is extremely difficult for the average person to competently handle his or her own defense. In fact, well below 1 percent of criminal defendants represent themselves because of the difficulty associated with doing so.

Below are just a few of the actions a criminal defense lawyer will take beyond handling the in-court questioning of witnesses:

  • Arrange deals with prosecutors to get you reduced charges and lighter sentences
  • Help establish sentencing programs that meet your needs and set you up for future success so that you can avoid re-incarceration
  • Provide you with a realistic outlook for your case and what is likely to happen if you go to trial
  • Help you cope with the various emotions you are likely to experience during the course of your case, including fear, embarrassment, anxiety and lower self-esteem
  • Navigate local courts thanks to their familiarity with those courts’ customs and key figures, along with procedures they might follow that are not written down anywhere
  • Explain the potential hidden costs and pitfalls of pleading guilty
  • Explain complicated legal rules that you would not be able to locate or decipher on your own
  • Spend time working on a case that you simply could not afford to do yourself if you are to maintain your job
  • Gather information from various witnesses who might be hesitant to speak directly to a person accused of a crime
  • Hire and manage investigators who can help you build your case

If you have been charged with a crime in Pennsylvania, speak with an experienced Reading criminal defense attorney at David R. Eshelman: A Professional Corporation.



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