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Study: Ride-Sharing Apps Cut DUI Arrests in Philadelphia

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have exploded in popularity over the last five years. This is thanks in large part to their convenience. However, their greatest benefit might be the effect they are having on drunk driving — especially in big cities.

A recent study focused on driving under the influence (DUI) arrest figures in large cities, including Philadelphia. Across the board, the frequency of DUI arrests has steadily declined in these areas since Uber debuted in 2010.

Specifically, Philadelphia has seen a 17.4 percent decline in DUI arrests since that year, seeing a total drop of 15,724 arrests in 2010 to 11,295 arrests in 2017. DUI arrests have decreased every single year since the introduction of Uber in the city.

Other studies have shown a correlation between Uber being introduced to an area and DUI arrests decreasing. Cities such as Portland and San Antonio have also found a decreased incidence of DUI-related car accidents.

The biggest decreases in DUI arrests came in San Diego and Las Vegas, which saw declines of 32 and 37 percent since Uber was introduced, respectively.

What to do if charged with DUI

Your best course of action is to always avoid driving if you have been drinking alcohol. But if you find yourself pulled over on suspicion of DUI, be courteous and don’t speak unnecessarily.

For further guidance on what you should do when accused of drunk driving, speak with a Reading DUI defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact David R. Eshelman to learn more.


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