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Facing Criminal Charges in Pennsylvania

Steps to take when arrested in Berks County

Arrest in Berks County or anywhere in Pennsylvania means legal trouble, and that means contacting an attorney as soon as possible.

Protecting you and your rights is the job of an experienced defense lawyer.  If arrested, retaining an attorney focused solely on criminal defense is essential.  If facing criminal charges in Reading, Kutztown, or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, consider the ways legal counsel[H1] can help:

  • Legal counsel is necessary—even if you are innocent.  Arrest is the initiating action of a journey through the Pennsylvania criminal justice system.  An attorney skilled with criminal law handles any kind of criminal charge—even a false charge—and works to get charges dismissed, reduced, or handled appropriately.
  • Our firm has successfully handled criminal matters in Berks County for almost 40 years—from misdemeanor to felony offenses.  A knowledgeable attorney helps you, and your family, understand why you were arrested, what it means, and what to expect from the impending court process.
  • Honest case assessment is critical. A reputable attorney makes no guarantees—but works to advance your case to a good outcome.  Understanding real consequences is vital for you to make the best choices about the charges you face.
  • Working with you and with court personnel, a skilled attorney provides strong legal advocacy and protection to reduce the fear, risk, and impact of criminal charges.

Regardless of the charge—from criminal incident to traffic stop—legal representation is important.  In Berks County, call us for thorough, aggressive criminal defense.


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