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What Defense Attorneys Do Outside the Courtroom

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.”  What he meant was that reputation is important.  This applies perfectly in the context of criminal defense, where a defense lawyer’s reputation for competence and zealousness in the courtroom can often go a long way toward keeping his or her clients out of court.  Prosecutors have large caseloads, limited resources, and are often loathe to actually try cases unless they have a fairly high probability of winning.

In this way, a good Berks County criminal defense attorney can often win a case without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.  Pretrial maneuvering and motions can greatly weaken the prosecution’s case before it ever sees a jury.  Well-formed pre-trial motions can exclude crucial evidence.  Thorough research and investigation can expose flaws in the prosecution’s case.  And aggressive and informed negotiation can allow a prosecutor to save resources—and face—by offering a reduced charge or sentence, or even dismissing weak cases.  Such results, however, are much less likely for unrepresented criminal defendants.

To have this advantage, however, a criminal defense attorney must have a proven and well-known record of accomplishment for effectiveness in the courtroom—the kind of reputation that one builds over nearly 40 years of aiding accused individuals in Berks County and surrounding areas.  A well-established criminal defender has earned respect among prosecutors, law enforcement, and judges.  Moreover, such respect can be a criminal defense attorney’s most powerful tool in the service of clients.

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