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Berks County Defense Attorneys at Work in the Community

Berks County criminal defense attorneys have a duty to each one of their clients.  But they also have a duty to the community in which they live and practice.  Throughout his lengthy career, attorney David R. Eshelman has lived this duty through his work in the community.  And the legal community at large has recognized his commitment to the people of Berks County.  As a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, Mr. Eshelman is among an honored group of attorneys, jurists, and legal academics who demonstrated a deep resolve to their communities and have, through their actions, helped the legal profession live up to its highest ideals.

As a former president of Berks County Pretrial Services/BerksConnections (BCPS), Mr. Eshelman is deeply involved in the criminal justice process in Berks County.  BCPS assists the Berks County judiciary in pretrial evaluations and supervision of accused individuals and helps coordinate agencies within the justice system to identify pre-trial inmates with mental health issues and determine if they qualify for pre-trial release.  BCPS also coordinates the Community Release Bail Program which helps ensure that pretrial inmates of limited economic means have an opportunity to be released under supervision prior to trial.

Defending those who cannot defend themselves is a noble calling.  And Berks County criminal defense attorneys like David R. Eshelman are committed to serving those accused of crimes in the community, both in the courtroom and through community initiatives such as BCPS.

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