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Just the Facts — and What We Do with Them

The ongoing story of former Pennsylvania State football assistant Jerry Sandusky is known around the country.  Facing approximately 50 counts of child sex abuse, the grand jury findings of fact in the case give stark testimony why Mr. Sandusky is facing trial on June 5 of this year. Before then, his legal team is working to exclude evidence and dismiss charges.

Our firm focuses on providing criminal defense to clients throughout Berks County.  While the burden of proving charges rests with a prosecutor, it is our job to review evidence — both for and against our clients  —and question that evidence.

In April, Joe Amendola, counsel for Mr. Sandusky, raised defenses to charges against his client.  Although Judge John Cleland refused to dismiss charges against Mr. Sandusky, the challenges work to create space to defend Mr. Sandusky as his trial nears.

Since the April hearing, new evidence emerged that revises the event timeline for an incident witnessed by former assistant football coach Mike McQueary.

Mr. McQueary earlier testified he saw Sandusky engaged in sexual activity with Victim No. 2 in March 2002.  Evidence reveals the incident likely happened a year earlier, in February 2001, casting doubt on testimony by Mr. McQueary — and raising questions about charges against Sandusky and former Penn State administrators Tim Curley and Gary Schultz.

A good criminal defense lawyer works every angle to protect client rights even when compelling evidence of guilt exists.  If charged with a criminal offense — face the facts, and contact our office for help.

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