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Monthly Archives: June 2014

PA Supreme Court Redefines Vehicle Search Exception

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects people from being subjected to unreasonable searches of their persons and possessions unless police first obtain a warrant. However, federal court precedent has long recognized an exception for vehicles and has permitted warrantless searches as long as they were supported by probable cause. The Pennsylvania Constitution provided […]

White Collar Crime in Schools

When most people think of white collar crime, they imagine corporate boardrooms and national corporations. However, white collar crime can occur in the public sector as well — even the school system. While it may be difficult to imagine what type of white collar corruption could involve school administrators and teachers, recent news in the […]

Expunging Your Juvenile Record in PA

Many people believe incorrectly that juvenile arrest and delinquency records are sealed either at a certain time after the resolution of the case or when the juvenile reaches the age of 18. In fact, while juvenile records may not be as publically available as adult records, they can be accessed by certain parties and remain […]

Should Defendants Say No Thank You to Pleas?

You have no doubt heard the expression to cop a plea. Usually, people say that phrase with a certain amount of disdain, probably equating it with the also-familiar phrase to cop out. Surely, they think, people who are not guilty would never agree to say they are. I know I never would, they say. But […]


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