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What to Do If You Get Arrested in Pennsylvania

Whenever you get arrested, you have the right to remain silent and to speak with an attorney. However, these rights only offer you protection if you use them. It’s critical that you fully understand your rights and how to proceed once you’ve been placed under arrest. Below are some tips on what you should do […]

Eagles Players Head to Harrisburg to Push Criminal Justice Reform

Philadelphia Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long and Torrey Smith recently traveled to Harrisburg to lobby the state legislature for criminal justice reform. The three are actively involved with The Players Coalition, which, among other things, is active in advocating for reforms to the criminal justice system nationwide. While in front of the legislature, they […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Expungement

In some circumstances, you may have your criminal record expunged, which means certain criminal offenses are erased from your record. We regularly receive questions about expungement, and so we have compiled some answers to the most common: Do records ever get automatically expunged? In some counties of Pennsylvania, only upon successful completion of the Accelerated […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Expungement

Expungement is the process of clearing one’s criminal record. This can have a number of benefits for people as they seek new jobs, apply for college or run for public office. The following are a few questions we commonly receive about the process: Q: Will my juvenile records be expunged? In most states, juvenile records […]

Expunging Juvenile Court Records

If you have a record of juvenile offenses, you may be able to file a petition for expungement in court to clear that record. This would allow for that crime to no longer show up on your background checks when applying for jobs, loans, apartments and more.  You do need to meet certain standards of […]

Protecting Your Record: Expungements in Pennsylvania

Having a criminal record remains a major hurdle to a number of benefits, privileges and opportunities to better your life. It can make it harder to find quality work and good housing, prevent you from becoming professionally licensed, bar you from international travel and restrict your opportunity to attain higher education. In short, even if […]

Expunging Your Juvenile Record in PA

Many people believe incorrectly that juvenile arrest and delinquency records are sealed either at a certain time after the resolution of the case or when the juvenile reaches the age of 18. In fact, while juvenile records may not be as publically available as adult records, they can be accessed by certain parties and remain […]

A Last Chance for Justice — The Innocence Project

We like to believe that only the guilty are punished and the innocent go free. Pennsylvania’s Innocence Project, part of the nationwide Innocence Project, knows otherwise. Brian Banks, just released by the Atlanta Falcons as a free agent, had been a high school football star on his way to play for USC when he was […]

How to Get Juvenile Records Expunged

When juveniles are convicted of a crime, the stain can follow them throughout their lives. It can affect educational opportunities, credit ratings, the ability to join the military, and the pursuit of job prospects. This can be true even if the information in the files is outdated or just plain wrong. Fortunately, there is a […]

Understanding Expungement in Pennsylvania

Mistakes happen. Consequences occur, penalties are paid, and painful incidents retreat into memory.  However, criminal records do not. A criminal record eliminates and stalls opportunities like adoption, housing requests, educational and employment offers.  In this electronic age, information out there stays out there.  In Berks County, and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, we get requests from individuals […]


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