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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Holder: Courts Should Avoid ‘Risk Assessments’ in Sentencing

Attorney General Eric Holder recently aired his concerns that judges across the nation are unfairly factoring risk assessments into their sentencing procedures, and warned that this calculation violates the rights of defendants. Increasingly, several states — including Pennsylvania and Tennessee — have been enacting the use of such risk assessment or recidivism formulas, which take […]

Facing a Second DUI Charge in PA: What You Need to Know

Pennsylvania has been ramping up its efforts to eliminate driving under the influence over the past decade, and has introduced stricter penalties for both higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels and subsequent offenses. To begin with, the penalties you face will vary depending on the tier classification of DUI. Pennsylvania considers a BAC between .08 […]

Why You Need a Defense Attorney Even if You Want to Plead Guilty

Only a small percentage of criminal cases ever go to trial. Some are dismissed at a preliminary hearing, but most are settled through a brokered guilty plea, often called a plea bargain. When the charges against you seem minor or when the evidence is overwhelming, you may assume that a defense attorney can do little […]

PA Crimes That Can Lead to Suspension of Privileges

In many cases, a first-time offender can expect to receive a fairly lenient sentence for a misdemeanor conviction — often little more than a fine or probation. However, the conviction may lead to unanticipated consequences. Certain crimes can result in the suspension of various privileges granted under the laws of Pennsylvania, including your license to […]


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