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After Court Ruling, PA Prosecutors Nix Blood Tests for DUI

In January of this year, the AP reported that prosecutors throughout Pennsylvania were advising police not to use blood tests on DUI suspects, but only to rely on Breathalyzer tests. This change in policy comes about six months after a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, Birchfield v. North Dakota, which requires law enforcement to get […]

An Overview of DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

Many critics have suggested in the past that Pennsylvania has some of the most lenient driving under the influence (DUI) laws in the nation. But why is this? One reason could be the lack of minimum jail time for some first offenses and the relatively small minimum amounts for some second and third offenses, as […]

Facing a Second DUI Charge in PA: What You Need to Know

Pennsylvania has been ramping up its efforts to eliminate driving under the influence over the past decade, and has introduced stricter penalties for both higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels and subsequent offenses. To begin with, the penalties you face will vary depending on the tier classification of DUI. Pennsylvania considers a BAC between .08 […]

Repeat Offenders and Drunk Driving Laws

Public acceptance of drunk driving has diminished considerably over the past 20 years, both in Pennsylvania and nationally. One result of this is that repeat offenses, within a period of ten years, bring harsher penalties with each incident. A single infraction, where a motorist is found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI), can yield […]

What You Need to Know about DUI

When an individual applies for a driver’s license in Pennsylvania, he or she officially consents to alcohol and chemical testing should a law enforcement official ask them to do so. It is part of the legal privilege of driving. If such a test finds that a motorist is over the legal limit of alcohol consumption, […]


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