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Pennsylvania Allows for Restricted Driver’s License

If your driver’s license has been suspended as a result of a traffic violation conviction, it is possible to obtain a restricted license in its place.

Licenses can be suspended due to accumulation of points or underage alcohol violations, which are instances in which you may be able to apply for a restricted license.

If you can prove you need your driving privileges continued during your license suspension because you either need to drive to get to work, to attend school at any level or to obtain medical treatment, you may qualify for an Occupational Limited License (OLL).

An OLL is a Class C license, either a Non-commercial Driver’s License or a Motorcycle Limited Driver’s License, allowing you to drive solely for the purpose of continuing necessary and regular attendance of your occupation, trade, work, study or medical treatment. It is only obtainable as long as your driving privileges have not been revoked, cancelled, recalled or disqualified, and so long as you have been licensed by any state in the past.

To apply for an OLL, you will have to complete the following process for Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation (PennDOT) to review:

  • Complete the Occupational Limited License Petition, following the instructions carefully.
  • Send the petition to the address specified on the form, enclosing the appropriate fee.

PennDOT will evaluate your application. If you are considered eligible, and if the circumstances of your request are approved, PennDOT will send you an OLL camera card. This card needs to be taken to the nearest Photo License Center in order for you to get your official photo taken and obtain your OLL. If your request is denied, however, your driving suspension will be upheld.

For more information about license suspension and restriction, consult David R. Eshelman, a respected traffic violations attorney in Reading.

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