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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Can You Vote in Pennsylvania If You’ve Been Convicted of a Crime?

Between recent voter ID laws, rumors of voter fraud and the ever-present concerns about the reliability of voting technology, it seems one of our greatest privileges as American citizens is a source of constant debate, controversy and anxiety. One of the most contentious and confusing aspects of voting rights, though, is the way a criminal […]

Supreme Court: Police Need Warrant to Search Cell Phones

In a rare unanimous ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that police may not search suspects’ cell phones without first obtaining a warrant. The ruling is seen by many as a broad endorsement of the right to privacy in the digital age, and could potentially be seen to apply to tablets, laptops and other technologies. […]

Penalties for Mail and Wire Fraud in Pennsylvania

Mail and wire fraud can be some of the most complex charges an accused person can face, as well as some of the most damaging. One of the biggest dangers in being charged with mail or wire fraud is that such charges allow federal prosecutors to get involved, which can lead to much stiffer penalties […]

Statewide Sweep Results in 27 Arrests for Insurance Fraud

A recent sweep led to 27 people being placed under arrest for insurance fraud in Pennsylvania. The offenses are unrelated, but Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane believes this wave of arrests will send the message that insurance fraud will not be tolerated in the state.  Among those arrested were two New Jersey men who […]

Protecting Your Record: Expungements in Pennsylvania

Having a criminal record remains a major hurdle to a number of benefits, privileges and opportunities to better your life. It can make it harder to find quality work and good housing, prevent you from becoming professionally licensed, bar you from international travel and restrict your opportunity to attain higher education. In short, even if […]


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