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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Human Trafficking and Drug Charges

When police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania made a routine traffic stop along Interstate 81, they likely never would have guessed what awaited them. According to police, the vehicle contained several thousand baggies of heroin, as well as four teenage girls being trafficked by two adults in the vehicle. The vehicle was originally pulled over for a […]

32 Arrested in Major Pennsylvania Drug Bust

Police have been conducting surveillance of various Pennsylvania drug dealers for a while, and it has led to a major drug bust of 32 people. According to Pennsylvania law enforcement officers, the bust was connected to a Colombian drug ring that was shipping heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine into the area. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) […]

New Bill Could Close a Loophole in Pennsylvania DUI Law

A new bill proposed within Pennsylvania state government could close a loophole that has long existed in the state’s laws related to cases of driving under the influence. Representative Gerald Mullery (D-Luzerne) is responsible for the piece of legislation, entitled House Bill 474. According to Mullery, his law would make sure that anyone who has […]

Lancaster County Using Ankle Bracelets to Help Prevent DUIs

Lancaster County is about to put some brand-new technology on display for people who have been convicted of repeat DUIs. Beginning in 2015, all people who receive a repeat DUI charge in the county will face stricter conditions of bail. In addition to being forced to abide by strict curfews and random alcohol and drug […]

Potential Legal Consequences of DUIs

As attitudes toward driving after drinking have changed over the last couple decades, the laws have changed as well to become harsher on people charged with DUIs. In most states, you could face conviction if you have a blood alcohol content level equal to or greater than .08 while behind the wheel, or if you […]


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