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Lancaster County Using Ankle Bracelets to Help Prevent DUIs

Lancaster County is about to put some brand-new technology on display for people who have been convicted of repeat DUIs. Beginning in 2015, all people who receive a repeat DUI charge in the county will face stricter conditions of bail. In addition to being forced to abide by strict curfews and random alcohol and drug testing, they will also be mandated to use an alcohol-tracking ankle bracelet for a set period of time. 

The goal of the ankle bracelet is to prevent impaired drivers from ever even getting behind the wheel. It signals authorities when a person wearing one of the bracelets seems to start becoming intoxicated. It does this by analyzing the perspiration of the wearer to check for the presence of alcohol in their system. 

These stricter regulations and the use of the new devices come after the deaths of 87 people in Lancaster County within the last five years due to people driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At least seven of the drivers involved in these cases had already had at least one previous conviction for driving under the influence. These numbers indicated to county authorities that tougher measures needed to be implemented to help combat the problem of DUIs. 

Although the county has already used ignition interlock devices and various other measures in the past, it is willing to experiment with these new ankle bracelets after doing some background research on the technology and its effectiveness. 

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