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The Extra Consequences of a Drug Crime Conviction

You likely have heard about all of the penalties that you potentially face with a drug crime conviction. Depending on the nature and severity of your offense, common penalties include significant fines, community service, probation, prison time and more.

However, there are more ways that being convicted of a drug crime could affect you. Consider these additional consequences that come outside of the court system:

  • Loss of employment. Especially if you are a public employee or official, there’s a good chance that you could either lose your job or be forced to resign when convicted of a drug crime. With the crime on your record and possibly being subjected to criminal background checks at your next job, it could be harder to find a new position.
  • Divorce modifications. If you are divorced or going through a divorce, you will be much less likely to have favorable child support, child custody or alimony arrangements if you have been found guilty of a drug crime. Especially with child custody, courts typically will give parents little or no contact if they have been found guilty of serious crimes.
  • Personal embarrassment. Because your crime will be on public record, you can become the subject of scorn and humiliation within your community and any organizations that you are a member of. Many people find their reputations permanently tarnished after convictions.

You can help avoid these potential consequences by working with an attorney who can help you to reduce or eliminate the charges against you. Meet with experienced Reading drug crime defense lawyer David R. Eshelman.

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