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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Police Intercept Drug Trafficker in Western Pennsylvania

Police stopped a vehicle allegedly transporting drugs from New York to western Pennsylvania on April 17. When conducting the stop, officers said they expected the courier to be in possession of approximately 500 grams of cocaine. Instead, they found upwards of 300 bricks of heroin hidden in a secret compartment inside the vehicle. According to […]

Pennsylvania Officer Arrested for DUI After High BAC Test Results

In an alarming bit of irony, an officer from Pennsylvania Liquor Control Enforcement has been charged with driving under the influence after he was pulled over with an extremely high blood alcohol level. The 34-year-old officer, Michael Rutkowski of Nanticoke, was tested for alcohol  consumption after getting into a car accident when officers found that […]

Some Important Pennsylvania DUI Statistics

When you face DUI charges, it is likely that district attorneys will pursue your case to a conclusion. This is because that driving under the influence is a particularly big issue across Pennsylvania and the entire nation right now. To give you a sense of why you face such particularly strong punishments for DUIs even […]

Are Landlords Liable for Tenants Who Deal Drugs?

All landlords are expected to meet certain standards of safety and security within their housing. For example, they must take reasonable steps to ensure that: All tenants are protected from thieves, potential assailants or any other criminals Tenants are protected from any criminal acts that other tenants may commit Tenants are warned about possibly dangerous […]


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