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Police Intercept Drug Trafficker in Western Pennsylvania

Police stopped a vehicle allegedly transporting drugs from New York to western Pennsylvania on April 17. When conducting the stop, officers said they expected the courier to be in possession of approximately 500 grams of cocaine. Instead, they found upwards of 300 bricks of heroin hidden in a secret compartment inside the vehicle.

According to court documents, four men were arrested in connection with the drug run, including three Altoona residents and a man from Johnstown. The arrests are part of a larger effort by Pennsylvania police officers to break up drug trafficking rings in Blair and Cambria counties. The drug seizure was one of the largest ever in that area of western Pennsylvania, and the 300 bricks were worth about $300,000 in street value.

Police officers were able to locate the couriers as part of their investigation of a man said to be at the center of the drug ring. In recent weeks, calls increased between the man and the traffickers, and investigating officers were able to nail down a date set for the transport.

Fines and prison likely penalties for distribution

Drug distribution is a serious crime in Pennsylvania and, if convicted, individuals may face severe fines and prison time. The penalties for drug possession depend on the type of drug, as well as the amount. If a person was in possession of large amounts of a controlled substance, the law assumes there was intent to distribute, a crime that includes stiffer penalties. In this case, the defendants could face up to 20 years incarceration.

Just because you’re arrested on drug charges doesn’t mean you’re automatically assumed to be guilty until proven innocent. If you need strong legal counsel, consult experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney David R. Eshelman today. 

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