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Lancaster County District Attorney Wants Tougher DUI Penalties

If the Lancaster County District Attorney has his way, the potential penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) could get much more stringent. The state’s DUI laws have not been updated in 10 years, and the DA is working on an effort to overhaul the system.

Among DA Craig Stedman’s recommendations is a provision that would allow the state to seize a repeat offender’s vehicle. This, he says, would act as a deterrent, both in cutting back on offenders’ access to vehicles and giving them reason to think twice before committing a second offense. Although Stedman is advocating for these stricter penalties, they are still a long way off, as the state legislature would need to draft and pass a bill to move forward.

Existing DUI punishments

As it now stands, state law does include harsh penalties for those convicted of drunk driving, especially when it comes to repeat offenders. An individual convicted a second time for drunk driving must serve mandatory jail time of at least 5 days. These penalties get even tougher if a person is caught a third time for DUI.

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