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Drunk Driving Arrests Trending Downward in NE Pennsylvania

As arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) continue to rise in Pennsylvania overall, one region is bucking the trend. In northeastern Pennsylvania, drunk driving arrests have been on the decline over the past five years. The seven-county region saw a drop of about 17 percent since 2010, when 4,701 people were arrested for the crime. In 2014, only 3,887 DUI arrests were made.

Although the drop in arrest numbers suggests good news for a state that has struggled to control the problem of drunk driving, it might just be part of the story. After all, the only thing DUI arrest statistics tell us is how many people were caught — not how many have actually engaged in the activity.  

County officials in the region point to a number of efforts they have made to stem the problem of drunk driving. With aggressive policing through DUI checkpoints and an increased police presence during peak hours, officials have been pushing a decrease in drunk driving for several years.

Some of the more effective campaigns include those designed to promote awareness of the dangers of impaired driving. These informational campaigns have been carried out in television ads and on billboards. Additionally, drunk driving awareness is part of all driving education programs in the state.

Penalties are steep for DUI convictions

Despite the statistical drop in arrests, it is still a fact that people are arrested every day for driving under the influence. When this happens, they face serious penalties and may even end up serving time in jail. However, there are a number of options available for those accused, especially first-time offenders. These individuals may be eligible for ARD, an accelerated rehabilitative program.

There are many options available to individuals arrested for drunk driving in Pennsylvania. For the guidance and advice you need, speak with experienced defense attorney David R. Eshelman today.

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