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Pennsylvania Legislator Proposes New Habitual DUI Registry

A state lawmaker in Pennsylvania is pushing for a new measure that would create a brand-new registry of people considered “habitual” drunk drivers. One effect of the proposed new law would be that people listed on the registry would be unable to purchase alcohol anywhere in the state.

State Rep. Thomas Caltagirone (D-Berks) is backing the legislation. If passed, anyone who has been convicted of at least five DUIs within the 20 years prior to the enactment of the bill would be required to register for the Pennsylvania Habitual DUI Offender Registry. Individuals who have been convicted of boating under the influence of alcohol would also be included on the registry.

Multiple proposals in the legislature

Another proposed measure, House Bill 1439, is also in the works to help the state get tougher when it comes to drunk driving laws. This bill would establish the Persons Not to Consume Alcohol Database in the state of Pennsylvania. Every person who purchases liquor or wine from any store in the state — whether a liquor store or grocery store — would be required to present identification so that the clerk could check the database.

The legislation would still have to be fine-tuned before it is put to a vote in the state house and senate, and then the governor would need to sign it into law. So far, it appears to be garnering some support from other legislators, and it could be part of the future in terms of the way state officials crack down on driving under the influence in the state. This could have major ramifications for those who have been arrested for drunk driving, even if it was just one isolated error in judgment.

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