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What Happens if Your Roommate Consents to a Police Search?

Generally, police officers must have a warrant to enter your home and search your property, unless they have your permission to do so. But what happens if you’re not home and a roommate consents to a police search of your property?

There can be a legal gray area when it comes to search consent among roommates. Courts will often analyze the relationship between the roommates to determine exactly how much of the home police were legally able to search. If the roommates were romantic partners, for example, the assumption is that there are no areas of the house that are off limits, whereas if the roommates are friends or co-tenants with separate bedrooms and storage areas, there are more restrictions that apply to where the officers are allowed to go.

For more information on your rights when it comes to police searches, contact experienced Reading criminal defense attorney David R. Eshelman.

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