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Berks County Man Arrested After Committing Bank Robbery

A 31-year-old man from Berks County was arrested and charged with committing a bank robbery the morning of January 29 at Fulton Bank in West Manchester Township.

On the morning of the robbery, the man allegedly walked into the bank with his hood up and gloves on his hands, handing a note to the teller that read, “Act normal, give me cash, this is not a joke!” The man is now in prison awaiting further court proceedings, as he had also violated conditions of his parole.

Arrest made with the assistance of witnesses

Witnesses inside the bank said the man did not appear to be in a hurry when he left, but others who were in local businesses nearby reported to police that they saw a man running in the area outside the bank just after the time the robbery occurred.

He was arrested three days later for violating probation, and a tip connected him to the robbery because a source had seen him shortly afterward carrying a wad of cash. Additionally, the source was shown the surveillance images captured by the bank and was able to positively identify the person pictured as being the man in question. The man has since admitted to his role in the robbery.

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