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What Does it Mean to be Accused of Drug Manufacturing?

Manufacturing any type of drug is strictly forbidden unless you have the proper licenses from both state and federal authorities. Drug manufacturing charges most commonly arise in cases involving a person growing his or her own marijuana or cooking methamphetamine. However, it may also occur in any situation in which a person participates in the creation of any type of illegal drug, or even just offering to assist in some element of the process.

One element of participation is distributing the materials needed for the creation of the drug. Anyone who knows or at least should reasonably know the substances will be used for the creation of illegal drugs, but still supplies chemicals, components or materials to the manufacturer, is considered to be complicit in the activity.

Manufacturing laws may also apply to growing plants that lead to the production of controlled substances. The most common of these by far is the growth of marijuana plants, with other common plants including psychedelic mushrooms.

Even if you never actually make an illegal substance, you may be charged with attempted manufacturing if you possess the components or devices needed to make the drug.

Penalties for drug manufacturing

Penalties for drug manufacturing charges are typically severe, with large fines and lengthy prison sentences possible. Prison time can reach 10 years or more, and even a misdemeanor charge could result in one year of incarceration. Fines may be in the thousands of dollars and probation usually covers at least a year.

For more guidance on how to defend yourself if you have been charged with drug manufacturing, contact a skilled Reading, Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney at David R. Eshelman: A Professional Corporation.

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