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Laws Governing the Manufacturing of Illegal Drugs

Manufacturing controlled substances is prohibited by federal and state law unless you are appropriately licensed to do so by both federal and state authorities. This issue most commonly arises in situations in which a person is either growing marijuana or cooking methamphetamine, but it can apply to any situation in which a controlled substance is created.

The following are a few of the areas covered through drug manufacturing laws:

  • Manufacturing. An individual may be charged with manufacturing if he or she participates in any part of the manufacturing process. This could include mixing chemicals, growing plants or even simply offering to assist in the process in any way.
  • Distribution of materials. Anyone who supplies chemicals, components or necessary materials for making illegal drugs is also implicit in the manufacturing process if he or she had reasonable cause to know the materials would be used for illegal purposes. People who supply any of the chemicals needed to make methamphetamine, for example, must do their due diligence in making sure the people they are supplying to have legitimate reasons for purchasing those chemicals.
  • Cultivation. Drug manufacturing laws apply to growing plants used to make controlled substances. This could include marijuana plants, psychedelic mushrooms or any other plants used in processes of drug manufacturing. 

You may be convicted of a manufacturing crime even if you never actually made any of the illegal substance in question. Possessing all of the components and equipment could be evidence enough that you intended to begin manufacturing drugs.

The penalties for drug manufacturing are often harsh, with lengthy prison sentences not out of the question. This is usually because manufacturing charges are often paired with distribution, and there is often a large quantity involved.

For more information about manufacturing and your legal options when charged with a drug-related offense, speak with dedicated Reading drug crime defense attorney David R. Eshelman.

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