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What Happens After Your Custodial Arrest in Pennsylvania?

Being placed under physical arrest can be a frightening and intimidating experience. Few people know what to expect in these circumstances. In general, you will go through the following process:

  1. You are placed under arrest and taken to a location to be booked.
  2. After booking, you must wait in jail or in a holding cell until you have your preliminary arraignment by a magisterial district judge.
  3. At your arraignment, the judge will set bail or allow your release without posting monetary bail. If the judge sets monetary bail, you remain in custody until it is posted.

You do not need an attorney to get out of jail or post bail. Your bail is based on factors like the seriousness of your crime, your criminal history and your financial condition. Bail is not a form of punishment, but rather a form of insurance that you will show up to future court dates.

For more information about the sequence of events that occurs after an arrest, meet with experienced Berks County criminal defense attorney David R. Eshelman.

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