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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Defense Options Available When Charged with Harassment

“Harassment” is a general category of crimes that may include not only minor physical contact with another, but also hate crimes, stalking, cyberbullying or sexual harassment. The general idea is that one person acts in a way to intentionally annoy, threaten or provoke another party. Individuals who are accused of a harassment crime have several […]

Penalties for Juveniles Charged with Drug Possession

Any time a child is charged with drug or paraphernalia possession, he or she faces harsh penalties. However, the process for prosecuting juvenile crimes is quite different than those followed in adult criminal courts. Even though the crime is the same, juveniles face different penalties, and courts have many more options for how they approach […]

Pennsylvania Passes Ignition Interlock Device Law for DUI Offenders

The Pennsylvania legislature recently passed Senate Bill 290, which has been dubbed the Ignition Interlock Law. Now, people convicted of first-time drunk driving offenses with blood alcohol content levels of .10 percent and above can avoid a year-long license suspension if they instead seek a license for an ignition interlock device. According to state senators […]

Strategies to Help Prevent Teens from Drinking Underage

Anyone under the age of 21 may face some tough penalties if caught consuming alcohol, but this is especially true for children still in school. Not only do they face fines, but also loss of permissions at school, including suspension from sports and activities. Parents often begin to suspect their kids of drinking or doing […]


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