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Pennsylvania State Police Target Underage Drinking

The Pennsylvania State Police announced plans to ramp up its focus on underage drinking in locations near colleges and universities across the state. Through the effort, state police officials are meeting with university administrators, campus police officers and bar and restaurant owners to educate them on ways that they can prevent underage drinking both on […]

Strategies to Help Prevent Teens from Drinking Underage

Anyone under the age of 21 may face some tough penalties if caught consuming alcohol, but this is especially true for children still in school. Not only do they face fines, but also loss of permissions at school, including suspension from sports and activities. Parents often begin to suspect their kids of drinking or doing […]

Pennsylvania Parents Charged After Teens’ Drinking Party

A Pennsylvania husband and wife face criminal charges after reportedly allowing about 300 teenagers to party at their home in a Philadelphia suburb. The couple was charged with providing alcohol to minors, corruption of minors and disorderly conduct. A 17-year-old boy believed to be the couple’s son was also charged with underage possession and consumption […]

Homeowners May Be Liable for Providing Alcohol to Guests

If you have a party at your home involving alcohol, you have certain legal responsibilities to ensure the safety of your guests. Any accidents or injuries that occur as a result of you serving alcohol or drugs could be considered partially your fault, including if a driver causes an accident while under the influence. Under […]

Authorities Focus on Curbing Alcohol-Related Crimes Near College Campuses

With students flocking back to colleges and universities across Pennsylvania, the state police and Pennsylvania Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement are teaming up with other law enforcement agencies to curb various alcohol-related crimes both on and around campuses. In addition to enforcing alcohol laws, the bureau will provide enforcement and educational assistance to college administrators […]

Potential Legal Issues in Underage Drinking Cases

While underage drinking is, in the long run, certainly not the most serious crime that a young person can be found guilty of, it definitely has plenty of harsh penalties in the aftermath of the incident and will stay on the defendant’s record for years. The most common penalties for underage drinking include a possible […]

Strategies for Reducing Underage Drinking

In 2007, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a call to public health organizations to come up with strategies to reduce underage alcohol consumption. Even though the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, binge drinking and alcohol abuse among middle school, high school and college students causes more than 4,300 deaths per year, […]

Passengers in Underage DUI

DUI while under the legal drinking age is not the only way to get into extra trouble. Drinking drivers under 21 who get behind the wheel put everyone’s safety in jeopardy, whether they are in the same car or elsewhere on the road. And when they are pulled over, questioned by police and charged with […]

What New Fines for Underage Drinking Can Mean to You

Getting stopped for driving under the influence (DUI) is the last thing young partygoers think about when heading out for an evening of friends and fun. But it can weigh heavily on their minds when they are hit with the new fines for underage drinking that went into effect on Christmas Eve 2012. The increase […]


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