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Eagles Players Head to Harrisburg to Push Criminal Justice Reform

Philadelphia Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins, Chris Long and Torrey Smith recently traveled to Harrisburg to lobby the state legislature for criminal justice reform.

The three are actively involved with The Players Coalition, which, among other things, is active in advocating for reforms to the criminal justice system nationwide. While in front of the legislature, they spoke about expanding the scope of sealing some nonviolent misdemeanor convictions for individuals who do not commit any crimes for 10 years after their initial convictions.

Support from the players

Jenkins, who plays cornerback for the Eagles, said low-level offenders would be better able to get back to living a normal life and escape the stigma of their past crimes. A criminal record can also make it difficult for people to find housing and loans, which makes the American Dream feel unattainable. The players also spoke about ending mandatory minimum sentences and increasing police transparency in Pennsylvania.

These issues have been the subject of great discussion in the state legislature over the past several years. Having these high-profile advocates come in and voice their support for criminal justice reform could boost momentum for proponents.

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