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Sale of Prescription Drugs Can Yield Serious Penalties

It is illegal for anyone without a license to sell or give prescription drugs to another person. These drugs must come from licensed healthcare professionals — and only to people who have valid needs or prescriptions for the drug.

This has become an increasingly prevalent issue throughout the United States, with prescription painkillers like Vicodin and Percocet finding massive popularity on the black market. Now, this pain medication is being broadly used for recreational purposes instead of valid medical reasons.

Court cases involving prescription drug sales

There are several ways in which a prescription drug can be illegally sold. A person with a valid prescription may be convicted of illegally selling those drugs if he or she sells or gives them to someone else or exchanges them for something. In addition, a doctor or other type of healthcare provider can be charged for writing unnecessary prescriptions or for prescribing greater amounts of drugs than necessary. A pharmacist who knowingly fills an invalid prescription can also be charged with illegally selling prescription drugs.

In these cases, the prosecutor simply needs to prove that the defendant knowingly sold or gave a prescription drug to someone who did not have a valid prescription. Defendants typically attempt to argue their innocence by stating they had no intent to sell the drugs or that they did not know the person who illegally purchased the drugs lacked valid medical reasons for using them.

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