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Adults in Pennsylvania Who Let Minors Drink Face Potentially Stiff Penalties

Pennsylvania law takes underage drinking seriously, and adults in the state who let minors drink could face very serious penalties. As an example, on New Year’s Eve, police busted at least nine underage drinkers at a party in Jackson Township. There were two adults at home, who were charged with selling or providing liquor to […]

Law Enforcement Debating How to Handle Rising Murder Rate in Reading

Reading’s homicide rate finished 2018 at more than double what it was in 2017, a statistic that has alarmed both community members and law enforcement officers. City and county officials largely blame issues associated with drugs and gangs, but there have been differing opinions over which strategies can best resolve those issues. Reading has a […]

The Crime of Embezzlement from a ‘Vulnerable Adult’

Embezzlement is a type of theft that occurs when an individual entrusted with managing someone else’s money or property steals some or all of that money or property for personal gain. People most commonly associate embezzlement with corporate settings — such as executives who have organized schemes to steal from their company or clients. However, […]

When and How Can Criminal Charges Be Dropped?

Just because you have been charged in a court case does not necessarily mean your case will go to trial. You could reach a plea bargain agreement with the prosecutor, or the prosecutor could decide to drop your charges completely. Only a prosecutor can seek to drop your charges. The alleged victim in your case […]

What Happens When Police Stop Vehicles to Administer Sobriety Tests?

Police officers who suspect drivers to be legally drunk will likely pull over those individuals for some sort of traffic violation or suspicious driving movements, such as weaving, crossing the center line or extremely slow driving. While you are still in your vehicle, an officer will look for visible signs of intoxication based on how […]

Authorities Focus on Curbing Alcohol-Related Crimes Near College Campuses

With students flocking back to colleges and universities across Pennsylvania, the state police and Pennsylvania Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement are teaming up with other law enforcement agencies to curb various alcohol-related crimes both on and around campuses. In addition to enforcing alcohol laws, the bureau will provide enforcement and educational assistance to college administrators […]

New Megan’s Law Casts a Wider Net

A man interferes with his wife’s visitation rights, a teenage girl has sex with her younger boyfriend, and an amateur photographer takes pictures of young girls in the park. Will these people have to register under the new Megan’s Law that just went into effect in Pennsylvania? The answers can be frightening. The new law […]

Law Enforcement Use of Warrantless GPS Tracking in Pennsylvania Drug Cases

Technological innovations like GPS tracking devices can simplify our lives, but they also have a darker side that can threaten our personal liberty and privacy. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly utilizing GPS tracking tools to monitor movements of citizens often without providing probable cause to a judge or obtaining a warrant. The U.S. Supreme Court […]

Proposed New Legislation to Reduce Penalties for Teen Sexting

While vast improvements in communication technology offer many benefits, some of these innovations lead to new types of criminal violations. Many parents do not suspect that text messaging can result in their kids facing criminal charges, but prosecutors in Pennsylvania and around the country are becoming extremely aggressive about pursuing sexting activity as child pornography. […]

How Does Mouth Alcohol Affect My Pennsylvania DUI Case?

Most Pennsylvania drivers understand that they may be arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Pennsylvania if they have been consuming beer, wine or cocktails prior to driving. Fewer people are aware that they may be arrested based on inaccurate breath test results after consuming other substances, such as: Mouthwash Tobacco Cough syrup What […]


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