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Gun Rights Activists Push Back Against Firearm Restrictions

A group of gun rights activists in Pennsylvania has started to lobby state and county leaders to pass a series of so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary” ordinances to say local officials will not comply with certain firearms restrictions those advocates believe to be unconstitutional.

One county, Bradford County, already passed such a resolution in December, and the advocates are hoping to gain momentum with their cause. The goal of the Gun Owners of America in Pennsylvania is to not just get all 67 counties to pass these resolutions, but also to pass ordinances and regulations that would state county and state resources would not be used in support of any federal or state laws that would unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.

Moves with little impact

Legal experts have generally stated these moves will have little or no impact, and that they amount to nothing more than publicity stunts. Local governments are still required to comply with all laws and regulations enacted by the General Assembly, until those laws are repealed or taken to court and ruled invalid.

This means the idea of an area being a “Second Amendment Sanctuary” would, in all likelihood, not have any impact on firearm possession or other types of gun crime cases, which is important to note for anyone who might be undergoing the criminal process.

Still, there is a national trend for gun rights advocates to push local municipalities to establish “Second Amendment Sanctuaries.” At this point, though, the purpose (and effect) appears to be more political than anything that would actually affect the interpretation of laws in those areas.

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