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Consequences for Failing to Pay a Traffic Ticket

When a driver receives a ticket, he or she has two options: admit their guilt and pay the fine, or contest the ticket and citation in traffic court. A failure to pay the ticket when required to do so could result in additional consequences that range in severity depending on the circumstances of your case.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the potential consequences you could experience for failure to pay a ticket.

  • License suspension: Tickets not paid after a certain amount of time might lead to your driver’s license being suspended. This could occur through the courts or through the DMV, depending on the circumstances. However, there are some types of traffic offenses that lead to an automatic license suspension, in which case ignoring the fines would likely trigger an even longer suspension or possible revocation.
  • Arrest: Delinquency with fines for traffic tickets could lead to arrests in some circumstances. After the ticket passes its deadline, the local authorities may issue a warrant for that person’s arrest and could potentially suspend the license.
  • Additional fines: Not paying your fine by their due date might result in late fees or additional fines that you will be required to pay.
  • Ineligible renewal: Failure to pay off fines might result in you being ineligible to renew your driver’s license or registration, at least until you have paid off your fine in full.
  • Increased premiums: Your car insurance premiums may go up if you have unpaid traffic tickets.

For more information about what could happen to you if you fail to pay off your traffic tickets in a timely manner, contact experienced Reading, PA criminal defense lawyer David R. Eshelman.


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