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Pennsylvania Comes Step Closer to Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

A pair of Pennsylvania state senators recently introduced a bill that would legalize marijuana in the state. The proposed legislation comes several weeks after Governor Tom Wolf proclaimed himself to be in favor of such legalization. Under the bill proposed by Sens. Daylin Leach (D) and Sharif Street (D), adults age 21 and older would […]

Pennsylvania Governor Seeks to Pardon People With Marijuana Convictions

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf voiced his intention earlier this fall to pardon people with past marijuana convictions, as the state also continues to mull the legalization of recreational marijuana. What would the process of receiving a pardon or an expungement look like, from a practical standpoint? Here’s a quick overview. The possibility of a marijuana […]

School Zone Enhancement is Broader than You Think

Many individuals arrested for possessing or distributing drugs are surprised to learn they are being charged with possession in a school zone. They adamantly contend that they did not know a school was nearby, that school wasn’t in session or that they had no intention to sell to students. What they do not realize is […]

How PA Sentencing Reforms Affect Nonviolent, Drug-Addicted Offenders

In July 2012, the Pennsylvania legislature passed Senate Bill 100 to address how the commonwealth correctional system handles nonviolent offenders with drug and alcohol addictions. This was a welcome move away from harsh minimum sentences. The reforms included: Risk assessments guidelines instituted to help courts separate high-risk offenders appropriate for state prison from lower-risk offenders […]

Marijuana — Not Legal in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania citizens took to the streets to rally for the legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana for personal use. Advocates for marijuana legalization argued that 20 states and the District of Columbia permit the use of medical marijuana, while skeptics pointed to the impossibility of keeping marijuana out of the hands of minors and the […]

How Your Sentence is Determined Under Pennsylvania Law

A Delaware County court recently sentenced rapper Benie Sigel to 6 to 23 months in jail for his plea to drug charges following last year’s Philadelphia traffic stop which produced a loaded automatic, an excess of cash and various controlled substances.  Sigel will serve his sentence for drug charges concurrently with his current federal prison […]

Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Drug Offenses in Pennsylvania State Court

Jerry graduated from high school two years ago, but he still has friends on his old team, and his girlfriend is now a senior. Jerry was always popular. Unfortunately, when Jerry was caught bringing bundles of recreational controlled substances to his friends in the school parking lot, he came face to face with Pennsylvania’s mandatory […]

Drug Paraphernalia Offenses

Following tips received in 2012, Lancaster police conducted surveillance of residences in the 500 block of Pershing Avenue that intelligence sources said were drug houses. After months of surveillance and corroboration, the investigating officers secured search warrants and in January, 2013 raided two homes believed to be centers of drug trafficking. Despite ample probable cause […]

Defending Yourself Against Pennsylvania Drug Distribution or Trafficking Charges

The “war on drugs” is in full force in Pennsylvania. At a recent press conference, Pennsylvania law enforcement officials displayed handguns, a sawed off shotgun, $50,000 in cash, $300,000 worth of cocaine, $75,000 worth of heroin and a vehicle equipped with a trap-door in which to hide contraband. This was just part of the haul […]

Adderall Drug Abuse Trends Among College Students

Adderall is a medication used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The drug uses a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine to control symptoms of ADHD, giving those with the disorder greater focus. It’s become the drug of choice among college students and high performing young professionals. But Adderall possession is a crime if you do […]


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