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Traffic Tickets Shouldn’t Be Taken Lightly

While a moving violation for an offense such as speeding or careless driving is certainly less severe than DUI or fleeing an accident scene, it can significantly affect your life. Minor violations can affect your driving record, which in turn may result in increased insurance premiums. And for repeat offenders, the penalties are more severe. […]

Reckless Driving

Last summer’s horrendous fatal accident caused by a Pennsylvania driver in New York made the news in multiple states. Members of one family — a grandmother, mother, two daughters and their friend — were incinerated when their SUV exploded in flames. A tractor-trailer had slammed into the back of another vehicle, causing a chain-reaction collision […]

Pennsylvania and the Point System

Understanding license suspension To encourage safe driving habits and deter moving violations, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) maintains a record for each driver licensed in the state. Commonly called the point system[H1] , marks are added to that record if a driver is cited for moving violations.  Accumulation of excessive points results in graduated […]


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