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What You Need to Know About Parole

Parole is incarcerated individuals’ early release before serving the entirety of their sentence. However, parolees are not “free” civilians upon their release — they are still under supervision for the duration of their sentence and will need to comply with certain conditions of their release. Not all prisoners are entitled to parole. The following are […]

Sentencing and State Parole Violations

Many people misunderstand how criminal sentences work. As a result, defendants often struggle during plea bargain negotiations to realize what a particular sentencing range actually means in terms of time in prison. Typically, Pennsylvania state court prison sentences are handed down in terms of a range. Whether you serve the top end, bottom end or […]

How Does Probation Work?

The possibility of going to jail is the biggest concern for most people charged with serious crimes. Being convicted of a crime and having a sentence with jail time imposed is frightening and life-changing. Your freedoms are eliminated and, while in jail, you are required to adhere to a strict set of rules and policies. […]


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