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Where to Turn

Facing serious criminal charges.

Being arrested is frightening—and conviction on criminal charges can affect your freedom and your future. Knowing what to do when arrested is essential, and can affect the long-term outcome of your case.

If facing criminal charges, most people know to contact an attorney at once.  A good attorney works closely with you, translates your story to the court, and fights to reduce or counter criminal charges against you.  But what should you look for in an attorney?

A good attorney is a reputable, local attorney with successful defense experience.  When you face any charge, you need an attorney working daily in the Berks County criminal justice system.  Our firm has handled criminal matters in Berks County for almost 40 years.  In Reading or Kutztown, from drug crime to violent crime—criminal defense is our sole practice area. Look for an attorney who knows what you are facing.

Pennsylvania state sentencing guidelines[H1] require serious penalties for serious crime.  If accused of homicide, or other felony, you need an attorney who aggressively defends your liberty.  It can be done—our firm achieved a not guilty verdict after a six-week jury trial for a client facing the death penalty for homicide.

Do not underestimate the importance of retaining an experienced attorney.  Even a misdemeanor conviction creates a criminal record that affects and deters employment, educational, and future opportunities.

What is a good attorney?  The answer is an attorney with the reputation, experience, and legal knowledge to protect your rights and get the best outcome on your case.


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