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Proposed Bill Would Allow Nonviolent Misdemeanors to be Expunged

A new bill proposed by Pennsylvania lawmakers earlier this summer would allow state citizens convicted of nonviolent misdemeanors to seek the expungement of their criminal records. Under the proposed law, judges would have the power to partially seal criminal records in specific cases. People who were convicted of second- and third-degree nonviolent misdemeanors could ask […]

Six Tips to Help Your Loved Ones Safely Use the Internet

The recent arrest of ten men involved in child pornography in Berks County should be a warning for adults and children alike. For parents of young kids such news can be especially frightening. But minors are not only victims online. Sometimes minors can be perpetrators as well. Sharing photos of oneself or others, known as […]

Facing the Harsh Consequences of an Underage DUI in Pennsylvania

As a parent, it is easy to take the position that “ignorance is bliss” and presume that our kids do not drink alcohol before driving home from bars and parties. Unfortunately, statistics regarding the prevalence of teen drinking by high school students and those attending colleges in the vicinity, including Penn State University Berks, Albright […]

Understanding Expungement in Pennsylvania

Mistakes happen. Consequences occur, penalties are paid, and painful incidents retreat into memory.  However, criminal records do not. A criminal record eliminates and stalls opportunities like adoption, housing requests, educational and employment offers.  In this electronic age, information out there stays out there.  In Berks County, and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, we get requests from individuals […]

Debt to Society

Collateral consequences for a criminal record   He was convicted of possession of cocaine. A half-gram earned him a felony conviction, six months probation and a $100 fine. That was 25 years ago. Darrell Langdon, a 52-year-old father of two, was offense-free, raised two boys as a single parent, and worked hard ever since. In […]

Where to Turn

Facing serious criminal charges. Being arrested is frightening—and conviction on criminal charges can affect your freedom and your future. Knowing what to do when arrested is essential, and can affect the long-term outcome of your case. If facing criminal charges, most people know to contact an attorney at once.  A good attorney works closely with […]


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