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Monthly Archives: December 2012

How Your Immigration Status Can Complicate Your Criminal Case

Many legal residents and undocumented immigrants do not understand the significant impact of their immigration status on their criminal case. Because certain criminal convictions can result in removal or exclusion from the U.S., criminal cases involving those with immigration issues must be handled differently than other types of cases. Some plea agreements that would be […]

Why a Private DUI Defense Attorney Can Make a Difference in Pennsylvania Cases

Many people charged with driving under the influence radically misjudge the need for a private DUI defense attorney. Anyone who watches crime dramas is familiar with the portion of the Miranda warning that advises of the right of indigent defendants to have an appointed attorney. It is important to understand that the right to an […]

Could Warrantless Blood Draws Be on the Horizon in Routine Pennsylvania DUI Cases?

Pennsylvania’s implied consent law provides that drivers are deemed to consent to chemical blood alcohol concentration (BAC) testing of breath, blood or urine by virtue of operating, driving or being in physical control of a vehicle in Pennsylvania. When a police officer with “reasonable suspicion” that the driver is driving under the influence (DUI) stops […]

Law Enforcement Use of Warrantless GPS Tracking in Pennsylvania Drug Cases

Technological innovations like GPS tracking devices can simplify our lives, but they also have a darker side that can threaten our personal liberty and privacy. Law enforcement agencies are increasingly utilizing GPS tracking tools to monitor movements of citizens often without providing probable cause to a judge or obtaining a warrant. The U.S. Supreme Court […]


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