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Pennsylvania Training More Officers in Drug Recognition

Thanks to a growing Drug Evaluation and Classification Program in Pennsylvania, the state now has more officers trained in drug recognition than ever before, with many more expected to continue to take the course. So far, approximately 200 officers have completed the program. Officials say continued expansion is a priority for the state. The importance […]

What is a DUI Checkpoint?

DUI checkpoints, also known as DUI roadblocks or sobriety checkpoints, are becoming an increasingly popular tool used by law enforcement agencies across the country to help combat widespread issues with drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But what exactly are these checkpoints and how are they deployed? Here’s a quick overview. What […]

What Exactly Is the Crime of Burglary in Pennsylvania?

A Reading man was recently arrested for a crime spree that included several burglaries of businesses in Lancaster County. Most people understand that burglary has something to do with the illegal entry of a premises and is generally connected to theft. But what exactly do prosecutors have to prove to secure a conviction for burglary? […]

Pennsylvania State Senator Wants Tougher DUI Laws

Sen. Lloyd Smucker, a Republican state senator from Lancaster, is working on a new bill that would add some tough new elements to the state’s laws regarding driving under the influence (DUI). The bill would target people who have had more than two DUI convictions within a 10-year period. Repeat offenders whose actions result in […]

How Earned Time Programs for Inmates Are Helping Pennsylvania

Earned time is a concept taking shape in many states across the country to achieve important goals within state correctional systems, including: Reducing recidivism Managing growth in prison populations Improving living and working conditions in state prisons Controlling costs of incarceration Maintaining public safety In 2008, Pennsylvania enacted legislation allowing some inmates to shave as […]

I Fought the Law and the Law Won – Resisting Arrest in Pennsylvania

Sometimes people refuse to be taken into custody without a fight. Often the feeling that your arrest is unjust may be subjectively justified. Maybe you already cleared up that warrant, or you know your brother got that ticket but used your name, or you feel you need to come to the aid of your buddy […]

Teach Your Children − the Legal Perils of High School Sex

Michelle was 12 years old and in 7th grade, but her neighbor and best friend was 16 and in high school. The two girls walked to school together every morning since their schools were only three blocks apart.  Chris, a 17-year-old athlete at the local high school, often joined the girls on their way to […]

Five Things You Need to Know About Juvenile Justice

Unlike adult criminal courts whose focus is primarily punishment and deterrence, the juvenile court system is focused on rehabilitating delinquent children through a wide variety of programs to make them responsible and productive members of the community Nonetheless, any parent should be concerned about the collateral consequences of certain juvenile court adjudications. Juvenile adjudications − […]

Distracted Driving — It’s a Danger to All

Earlier this year in Berks County, a tour bus driver was fired from his job for driving while scrolling through his smartphone emails and texts. At one point he reached for another electronic device and took his hands off the steering wheel while the bus was moving. His distracted driving was caught on video by […]

Once You Have Served Your Time

Although some states have permanent or conditional limitations on the ability of ex-felons to participate fully in our democratic society, Pennsylvania does not prevent ex-felons from voting. Only felons who are still incarcerated are prohibited from voting. Once released, on either parole or probation, the right to vote for Pennsylvania residents is automatically restored. In […]


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