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Pennsylvania’s Underage Drinking Rules

They affect adults, too

Alcohol consumption can be dangerous for adults and all the more so for minors. Pennsylvania, like most states, makes it illegal for a minor to purchase, possess or consume alcohol. Minors caught purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol are subject to a mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension. Any detectable alcohol in a minor’s blood is an automatic violation of the law and also leads to a 90-day license suspension. An adult who helps a minor purchase alcohol can be charged as an accomplice to committing a crime.

Pennsylvania Liquor Code

The Pennsylvania Liquor Code prohibits a licensed establishment from selling alcoholic beverages to intoxicated persons and to minors. A minor may not even frequent a licensed establishment unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or attending a social gathering. A licensee may not serve alcohol to a table with a minor present or even allow a minor to sit at the bar unless the minor is with a parent or guardian or under proper supervision.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, an adult may be limited as to how many minors he is allowed to supervise. Bars or restaurants illegally serving alcohol to minors might face steep fines and jail time as well as license revocation or suspension. Not only licensed establishments but even private citizens or hosts can be held liable for injuries suffered by the minor or others as a direct result of furnishing alcohol to that minor. Parents hosting a party for their child and minor friends where alcohol is served can be held responsible for any alcohol related injuries that occur — whether on the premises or off.

What you can expect from an underage drinking defense lawyer

Alcohol used for celebrations or religious events is a seductive substance for many kids. If you have questions related to underage drinking or DUI, contact a criminal defense lawyer knowledgeable in these matters to help you steer clear of trouble.

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