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Four Tips to Keep Your Child from Becoming a Bully

It seems like every week there is another story about a schoolyard bully torturing his prey, sometimes to the point where the victim commits suicide. Schools, victims’ rights groups and community groups are creating awareness of the problem and asking adults to get involved. Many of tomorrow’s criminals begin as today’s bullies, so curbing your […]

Probable Cause or Reasonable Suspicion

What’s the difference? A driver is steering his Chevy Camaro down the highway within the speed limit late on a Saturday night. Can a police officer pull him over to make sure he is not drunk? Can a suspicious-looking person peering into car windows while holding a long screwdriver be arrested for attempted burglary? The […]

Judge or Jury: Five Factors to Consider

Under Pennsylvania’s constitution, both the accused and the prosecution are entitled to request a jury trial for certain criminal charges. If both sides waive their right to a jury trial, a judge presides instead. Consider these factors when deciding whether to fight your case in front of a judge or jury. 1. The burden of […]

A Heroin and Prescription Drug Epidemic in Pennsylvania

Three steps you can take to protect your family There was a recent article about heroin addiction in The Mercury that might scare any parent of an adolescent or young adult. Law enforcement officers are reporting an increase in the use and abuse of heroin and related prescription drugs across all social classes in Reading […]

When Evidence Is Not Fool-Proof

Eyewitness testimony, fingerprints, and ballistics test results all enjoy a popular reputation for being evidence that is unassailable. All three of these forms of evidence, however, have their weaknesses. Eyewitness testimony. Although it seems counterintuitive, eyewitness testimony is actually very flimsy. Most eyewitnesses end up testifying from memory to events that they saw while not […]

Boating Under the Influence

Pennsylvania has hundreds of miles of navigable waters and over 300,000 registered boats. The Commonwealth also had almost $2 billion in retail alcohol sales in 2011. When you put these statistics together, you can understand why state authorities consider boating under the influence (BUI) a problem. In 2011, the last year for which statistics are […]

Are You the King (or Queen) of Your Castle?

Pennsylvania’s stand your ground law Ask many homeowners to describe their worst nightmare and you might be surprised to discover how many fear of being attacked by criminals in their own homes. This fear underlies Pennsylvania’s Castle Doctrine. It allows citizens to defend themselves with deadly force if they are threatened at home, or even […]

Pennsylvania’s Underage Drinking Rules

They affect adults, too Alcohol consumption can be dangerous for adults and all the more so for minors. Pennsylvania, like most states, makes it illegal for a minor to purchase, possess or consume alcohol. Minors caught purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol are subject to a mandatory 90-day driver’s license suspension. Any detectable alcohol in a […]

Save Your Confession for Church

Why you should never confess to a crime without a lawyer present Prosecutors love to try cases where the defendant has already confessed to the crime during a police interrogation. Often, a confession saves the prosecution the time and effort of having to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Young people are especially vulnerable […]


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